Our Philosophy

CSAs that support fieldTRUE principles are a great way to give consumers access to delicious, local, organic produce delivered right to their doorstep. We envision a future where more fieldTRUE CSAs around the country will flourish and help consumers eat responsibly and healthfully.

Promote Sustainability

A sustainable food system is one that manages natural and economical resources.

It manages it in a way that works with the natural environment and local communities to preserve the ability of our future generations to grow, harvest, and distribute the same amount of food with the same resources. Economic sustainability is important and allows small, local farms to remain in business and grow. Environmental sustainability creates an environment in which crops will naturally thrive in conjunction with a farm’s healthy eco-system.

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Shake the hand that feeds you.

–Michael Pollan, professor,
journalist and activist

Consumer Focus

A transparent food system gives the consumer more information about where and how their food is grown.

This allows consumers to make informed choices about the food they buy and eat. We are transparent to our customers in our farming and food safety practices sharing details of how we farm and maintain our farming system for future generations. FieldTRUE CSAs consistently bring to market high quality produce and local whole farm products, focusing on value, variety, freshness and seasonality, while responding to consumer lifestyle and satisfaction.

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Eating is an agricultural act
-Wendell Berry,
farmer and environmental activist

Support Local Economies

When you support FieldTRUE CSA’s, you can be assured you’re supporting local farms and investing back into your local community.

You are helping build small farms, provide local jobs, ensuring farmworkers have a competitive wage and healthy working conditions, helping reduce food miles from transporting food long distances, and building a base of families that support sustainable practices and food safety standards.

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Educate & Connect Consumers

We engage communities with local farmers in the food movement ensuring a successful, transparent food system.

We are an energized and innovative group of farmers and community members inspired to change the food system and share the knowledge of organic, sustainable farming practices, food safety standards, whole farm products and healthy eating. We help families live healthier lifestyles, eat a broad variety of seasonal, local fruits and vegetables, and connect to the land that grows their food.