We Believe in a sustainable organic food system

Choosing who grows and makes your food connects communities, artisans and farmers through a transparent food system.

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Promote Sustainability

A sustainable food system is one that manages natural and economic resources.


Consumer Focus

A transparent food system gives you more information about where and how their food is grown and what it contains.

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Support Local Economies

Provide a market to local and small- to mid-sized, sustainable farms and artisans that invest back into your community.

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Educate & Connect Consumers

Engage communities with regional farmers and food makers contributing to a meaningful, transparent food system.

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Support Your Local Farmers

As farmers, we plant and grow a seasonal selection of organic produce knowing that we can sell it at a fair price, plan ahead, grow what you love to eat and remain in business.

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Customize Your Box

Each week we curate the best seasonal selection of fresh produce from our trusted family of farms. You can keep that selection or customize your box with the produce you love, delivered right to your doorstep.

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Invest in Your Community

By purchasing directly from our community of regional growers, you are not only getting delicious fresh produce, you are also supporting sustainable agriculture, investing in your community and providing safe, stable employment for field, warehouse and delivery staff.


Our Continued Commitment.


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