What is a Farm Box Program?

With roots in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), Farm Box Programs also provide a connection between communities and farmers.

CSAs and Farm Box Programs have evolved over the years. Traditional programs began when individuals in a community invested in their local farms by contributing a lump sum of money at the beginning of the season. This enabled the farmer to purchase seeds, supplies and equipment to grow crops which would not yield income until harvested and sold. In return, the member received a weekly box with the farmer's selection of fruits and vegetables throughout the growing season.

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A Growing Program

By the 90s, consumers still had limited access to organized farmers markets and CSA options.

To connect with more households, our small farm took a leap of faith and pioneered adding the convenience of home delivery to our farmers market and pick-up-site options. Each delivery included recipes, produce notes and news from our farm.

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Deliveries You’ll Love

Today, fieldTRUE farm boxes are able to offer even greater flexibility and variety.

Members still support regional farms by maintaining a subscription for their favorite box type, yet enjoy the convenience of customizing their produce order online. fieldTRUE farm boxes also offer the option to add artisanal farm products and natural grocery items, from milk and sustainably-raised meat to snacks, plant-based foods and even flowers.

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The Community Benefit

Supporting farm box programs keeps local farmers in business and invests your food dollars back into the community.

When you support a farm box program, you are helping to create a more transparent food system and promote sustainable agriculture practices that protect the environment and maintain healthy soils and clean water. By being a member of our fieldTRUE community of growers and makers, you provide stability for the farms and small businesses that keep our regional economies strong. And you get home delivery of fresh quality food that you can feel good about sharing with your family.

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Farm Fresh To You

Farm Fresh To You, a second-generation farming-family, is proud to have been growing organically and helping other sustainable farms connect and nourish their communities since 1976. Farm Fresh To You delivers their organic farm boxes conveniently to homes and offices in California and Reno, Nevada.
Learn more at www.farmfreshtoyou.com

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Full Circle

Farming organically since 1996, Full Circle embraces sustainable agriculture as a way of life, a dedication to care for the land, employees, natural habitats and collective food system. Full Circle delivers to select areas in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Idaho.
Learn more at www.fullcircle.com